Our Sponsors

Aruba Hi-Winds 2023 would not be possible for our sponsors. We want to thank our sponsors for an amazing Aruba Hiwinds 2023. 

Working hard to organize Aruba Hiwinds 2024! We will update this list asap!

For the second year in a row, Successfully IT Caribbean is one of our main sponsors. 

Successfully Caribbean is a locally established IT company in Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire that offers ICT support, advises you on this, and realizes projects.  Visit their website for more info!

Romar Trading has been our partner in beverage for many years already. This year, however, Romar Trading intensified our relationship by becoming one of our main sponsors for Aruba Hi-Winds 2023.

Romar has been the distributor of many premium liquors, beers, and wines. Romar trading also has a growing portfolio of beauty and Health products. Romar not only distributes products but also acts as the official representative for the brands. Visit their website for more info!

CX Pay has been supporting Hi-Winds Aruba for the first time! They made it possible for us to sell our tickets ahead. They also will support us during the event itself with our new electronic payment system that is water AND sand proof. (Just what we need for Hi-Winds.)

CX Pay offers solutions for retails storefronts, payment processing for both online and mobile devices, electronic invoicing, digital wallets as well as gift cards and digital vouchers. Visit their website for more info. 

Windpark Vader Piet has been a sponsor for the Kitesurf Big Air Competitions for multiple years now. We’re proud to announce that Windpark Vader Piet will be sponsoring us again!

Since 2010, Windpark Vader Piet has produced an average of 142 GWh annually, representing approximately 15% of Aruba’s overall annual electricity demand. Windpark Vader Piet is pleased to bring this unique opportunity to make even more clean and affordable energy available. Visit their website for more information!

And here are all our other sponsors that help make Aruba Hiwinds possible.