Aruba Hi-Winds 2024

Wednesday May 8 - Monday May 13

Get ready for big air.


Five days of .

About Aruba Hiwinds

It was the year 1986. One Sunday afternoon, two friends were having some fun on the water with the wind, the waves and their windsurf equipment.

After their windsurf session of the day, Anthony Blok and Ruben Croes sat together and decided to go try and put Aruba on the water-sports map of the world. And Aruba Hi-Winds Pro-Am was born.
The 1st Aruba Hi-Winds was a success from day one. Many windsurf professionals joined in the competition. Big names like Björn Dunkerbeck , Robby Naish, Anders Bringdal, Stephan van den Berg, Jutta Müller, Britt Dunkerbeck and Natalie Lelièvre, just to name a few who have participated over the years. Talented amateurs, more than a few locals too, could race as well. First major sponsor was Peter Stuyvesant Travel.

For the last few decades, the Aruba Hi-Winds has been held at The Fisherman’s Huts, with kiteboard freestyle competition held at Boca Grandi. But in the beginning the competition was held at Eagle Beach. Bigger waves with gustier winds and close to the shoreline. Spectacular action guaranteed. A selection of professional champions even rounded the entire island on their boards in 1991 and 1992, with  Björn Dunkerbeck setting a new record time year after year.

Over the years Aruba Hi-Winds has embraced other types of watersports, like kitesurfing, kitefoiling, paddleboarding (SUP), while even Mountain-bike competition has become an important part of the schedule. All this has made the Aruba Hi-Winds more attractive to different kinds of participants.

The organizing committee is very proud that Aruba Hi-Winds is the longest running event of the Caribbean with only 2020 and 2021 canceled, you know why…

We hope you will enjoy the Aruba Hi-Winds 2023 with its new format.

The 2023 Organizing Committee 

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